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In the month of November we have planet VENUS (Love & Money) arriving in SCORPIO where the SUN and planet JUPITER have already begun digging and revealing our hidden and darker side! VENUS will increase our passions even more, to reveal our hidden desires and motives. Let the inner magician and alchemist reveal itself through The Self.

Planet MARS (Venus' lover, and ancient ruler of Scorpio) is in relationship sign LIBRA stirring up confrontations and opportunities of igniting deep balance and passions, but first with chaos and disruptions.

Planet MERCURY is shooting for the bull's eye in SAGITTARIUS all month to eventually reach SATURN in SAGITTARIUS! Our word is our contract! We will be living what we have spoken into being! Let your words be prayers and mantras of peace and protection, so you may walk yourself into a peaceful and beautiful world. There will come a MERCURY RETROGRADE but not until the first week of DECEMBER; with a revisit to SATURN, not once, but twice!

Our STAR the SUN continues through into SCORPIO until the last week of the Month when it will ingress into SAGITTARIUS. And this month has for us a FULL MOON in the sign of TAURUS beautifully harmonizing with both NEPTUNE and PLUTO at the beginning of the month,followed two weeks later with a NEW MOON in SCORPIO! These MOONS SQUARE the Karmic NODES in Leo/Aquarius!

Enjoy the ride!


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