Venus Jupiter Conjunction in Scorpio Nov 12th

On November 12th 2017, planet Venus will meet up with planet Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio at *7. These two planets, in the study of astrology are the most benevolent and kind plant placement in a chart. Jupiter is an enormous gas giant that has a powerful force of attraction and gravitational pull into higher realms of philosophical pursuits and great luck! While planet and Goddess Venus is the love goddess of the chart bringing all power of attractiveness, money all things of beauty to us!

In the sign of Scorpio, these two will bring a potent power into the darker material of the human psyche where some hidden powers involving sexulaity, money, our resources shared and psyche's hidden motives will be pierced through into our lives and awareness, if you dare....

However, if we wish to deny and keep these rising energies suppressed into the darkness of our subconscious, then the job of these scorpionic energies can bring much destruction to our obsessions and what was once love, turned possessive.

We can choose to meet ourselves.... or not, during this very powerful passage into that which has been kept dark, hidden and feared.