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NEW MOON SCORPIO: VENUS CONJOINS WITH JUPITER IN SCORPIO.... Trines NEPTUNE IN PISCES and before you know it... Yoopes!!! Your tumbling down the rabbit hole into never never land! The SUN IN SCORPIO is getting ready for a trine to CHIRON and the deep waters of the spiritual and of the psychic intensify in passion and desire to get to the bottom of things... but the pit, is a bottomless one and now the ego realizes its inevitable death! In the meantime, both MERCURY & SATURN in SAGITTARIUS are SQUARING OFF to these powerfully dissolving and potentially confusing waters of PISCES. Then MARS in LIBRA will SQUARE PLUTO in CAPRICORN........ Do Not Add Gasoline to the FIRE! ... Unless you are ready to Transmute the Darkness into Light.

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