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This Week's ASTROLOGY News! & CBD Opportunity!

Mercury Stationing to go Retrograde on Saturn....

Plus, a 5D Transmission; back by popular demand! Check It All Out on Last Saturday Night's LIVE YOUTUBE Webinar!


Coming Up Next Saturday, Dec 2nd on YouTube...

Full Moon Gemini.


ASTROLOGY: December 3rd is the annual FULL MOON in the sign of GEMINI. This MOON in Gemini will be square to NEPTUNE! Is it all an illusion that we have fallen into, with great hope and reckless sight...? Or is it, that the Greatest Illusion of ALL is finally revealing itself, rendering itself a muse for the greatest sacrifice, to that of addictions and strife?

LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD & LET IT BE BOLD! The axis line of Sagittarius to Gemini is that of information, details, exploration, expanded sight and TRUTH over exaggerations and our habitual nonsense loope-thinking that has no purpose or destination. Yes! Be curious and explore, but to become so drunk in the 'Cocktail of Possibilities'... that you may indeed find yourself; a cock with its tail between his legs!

Trust the spiritual and higher self work of SATURN in Sagittarius the last 2.5 years, where your inner compass has guided you into the realm of a Higher Ideal of Truth and Integrity! Or pay the hefty price to The Lord Of Karma's High sight!

This FULL MOON will be another crossroad of disclosure to what is fool's gold being sold, or to where magical insight can easily bend the genius mind in pursuits of a mystery so Wild!

MERCURY; GEMINI's ruling planet will ironically retrograde here on the same day of DEC 3rd, at the very last degree of Sagittarius.... passing yet again over SATURN, whose pressure is sure mounting to a great release of a past life karmic bind, but all will be told... and the karma that we have sown... will deliver us to our rightful Throne.

MERCURY, SATURN both are in a trine to URANUS.... it is the chick hatching out of the egg.... We can no longer attach ourselves to the past... it would be soul suicide.... The New Paradigm has arrived and there's your name; inscribed!

Lastly, The Sun will be Squaring Neptune, and JUPITER will be in a Trine to Neptune. This is no time to be shy! The portal is open, passions have awakened, truth are told, and the GREAT ILLUSION is disclosed....

So keep your eyes wide open and drive right on in!

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