DECEMBER 2017 Month Ahead Subscription Channel on Vimeo! with Mama-Maga

The Month Ahead for DECEMBER 2017; Subscribe and gain access to tall 12 astrology videos for December.... We are Moving Forward with a BANG! Closing up (and initiating) a new 28 year cycle.... launch it well for yourself in the next 2.5 years and success is Yours! Why? Because, SATURN is finally once again home in CAPRICORN. When these powerful energies are harnessed correctly, yes, Success is Yours! But good ol' SATURN pushes you beyond your know comfort zone and into uncharted yet necessary material to prove yourself to Yourself! Remember that tough teacher in school, who at the time, you may not have appreciated... but in hindsight, became your favorite?!? That's SATURN. SATURN knows better than most, what we are capable of achieving and manifesting! He tests us, and then tests us some more, throws a few unfortunate or undeserving challenges to see if we will fold our cards.... or if we will rise to the occasion, and ultimately master our self. Enjoy this very important initiation as not just SATURN, but our SUN and VENUS ingress this powerfully successful, grounded and commitment oriented sign of CAPRICORN! Happy Birthday SAGITTARIANS.... you have venus moving through your sign with the SUN most of DECEMBER.... please keep in mind that MERCURY is RETRO on SATURN and only goes direct in your sign towards the end of the month.... Get It All HERE!

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