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LIVE WEBINAR "SATURN Ingresses the Sign of CAPRICORN with the SUN & Planet VENUS". wit

LIVE WEBINAR "SATURN Ingresses the Sign of CAPRICORN with the SUN & Planet VENUS"

....and what this means for us as we are set up for The New Cycle of Great Magnitude! A fresh beginning in a new 28 year cycle.

Planet SATURN and the Sign Capricorn are very demanding in specific ways, these energies are here to teach us and guide us into success! Through hard work and commitment, if we choose to accept the challenge, we will eventually reach self-mastery in our ability to manifest a stable, secure and prosperous foundation to our lives, our careers and our projections out into the larger world!

This will be a LIVE 2.5 Hour Astrology & Energy Healing Talk *with Participant Q&A Time and a LIVE 5D transmission. Bring your questions, bring your Self & your self, and let's meet in the Sacred Human Heart!

Join this LIVE RounDTable Webinar with Mama-Maga on SUNDAY, December 17th 2017 at 3:00pm EDT -5:30.

This is a *By Donation* service, your contributions are greatly appreciated for the necessary time and energy required to broadcast the webinar.

Thank you in Advance~


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