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Iceland this February 9th-11th with Maga!

'The Path of the Soul & The Living Light of Your Purpose!'

...with Mama-Maga in Iceland this February! With just a few days left at the *discounted workshop price, NOW is the time to Register for the Magical and off-the-beaten-path workshop-retreat experience in Magical ICELAND!

Come see the Northern Lights and meet some like-minded-folks who share in the curious mysteries of the human energy field and of the powers of the human psyche! Submerse yourself in healing and revealing explorations with; the Saturday Night Sacred Sweat Lodge, with morning Kundalini Yoga Classes and daily Energy Exploration in 5D Transmissions, and group process time!

It will be intensely revealing as we explore in group-process-work the shadow of our psyche that might be keeping us from our truest potential in life and in our relationships. The current astrology climate will be discussed and looked into to help guide us through the very important upcoming planetary influences of the new year! Kundalini morning classes help to support our DNA and breath-work activation as we look into the energy body and the chakras to better understand the science of the human energy field through which our emotions, thoughts, and believes move and create our reality!

Register here....

Peek into the 'Path of the Soul & The Living Light of Your Purpose!'

with Mama-Maga in ICELAND

If you have any questions regarding this retreat, please do not hesitate to contact Maga by phone or email..... 305-619-1532

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