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NEW MOON Sagittarius 26* LIVE YouTube Webinar this Saturday Night!

Catch Saturday Night's LIVE WEBINAR Here!


...very close to SATURN at 29*. We are, without a doubt bringing to a culmination the teachings of SATURN from the past 2.5 years around our philosophical pursuits for truth and higher knowledge. What have we learned? And maybe more importantly at this junction, how have we put these new teachings into practice in our lives?

Planet MERCURY is still RETROGRADE through this sign, as it was during the FULL MOON in GEMINI two weeks ago. Information is coming to to fill in the gaps of our puzzle. To reveal a bigger picture! Are you seeing the truth of Your Higher Self? Planet VENUS is also in the Sign of the archer pointing to higher ideals where love can be attained and visualized. A Great VOYAGE is underway! Planet JUPITER, the ruler of this NEW MOON is in the sign of SCORPIO and in its own shadow from SCORPIO 13* until SCORPIO 23* (JUPITER will retrograde at 23* Scorpio on March 9th, only to go DIRECT at Scorpio 13* on July 11th; the current degree of JUPITER NOW!)

JUPITER in SCORPIO is clearing up the Karma of SAGITTARIUS (being it's natural 12th house) and for everyone else, JUPITER here is digging in more deeply to reveal our hidden powers, secrets and desires. Very soon, on DECEMBER 20th we will experience a MAJOR TRANSIT that will shift our energies into focused successes through commitments and diligence.

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