Happy New Year JANUARY 2018 Videos are Here! On the Mama-Maga Vimeo Subscription Channel.

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2018 : Year of Bridging Out Of Time

Are we ready for the Cosmic Astrology Influences coming in this new cycle? Here is the *January Month Ahead* Vimeo Subscription Channel.... with an added Bonus Feature Video on the major transits for 2018! With most of the outer planets retrograding in the spring to go direct by the fall, this year is a bit of a 'push-pull' year as we learn the much needed Reality Check lessons around our resources and how we are to Restructure (SAturn in Capricorn) our lives to better align our SOUL PURPOSE. The real governing agencies on Earth, is the Light that lives inside every Being. We are entering a year where we begin *The Bridging Out Of Time!* because some of us will literally feel that we have 'run out of time' on major issues in our own personal and global affairs, while others will experience themselves existing quite literally, 'Out Of Time'.