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5D Transmission

So welcome to the monthly healer's group, here's the opening meditation. Find yourselves sitting comfortably, making sure your spine is nice and tall. So we're gonna tune in to begin. Bring your awareness inward, inside yourself… Bringing your awareness inwardly so that your spirit, your mind, your emotions, your body, and your actions are all in one alignment. This is called integrity. Bringing your awareness inwardly, inside yourself. Collect the pieces of yourself so that you can be fully present in the here and now. There's nothing else to do but be here. There's no other time to be but now, and allow yourself to arrive, here and now. Here and now. We're also on the end of a new moon in Virgo that happened very early this morning in the United States, late last night in Europe. A new moon in Virgo is about being here and now so that we can be of service; Virgo is a sign of service, where we serve.. We serve goodness, we serve with opportunities, we serve with healing, with health. Virgo is also the energy that is discerning so that we serve the goodness and let go of that which is no longer useful. Patience. Not rushing into the process, understanding that there is a cyclical season that needs to be honored and respected. To not take the cake out of the oven too soon. This new moon in virgo - and today the sun is still opposing Chiron in pisces. Chiron in Pisces is where we have been spiritually wounded. Feel these words, feel them. Feel them with your entire body, listen to them with all of your cells. We have an energy in the cosmos called the sun, it is our star, it is the self-illuminating being, it activates our DNA and it is opposing, in the great great sky above, Chiron - where we are spiritually wounded. What does that mean? What does that feel to you? What is the energy that comes through the words for you, when you hear "the spiritually wounded?" "Oh that's not me, oh no I'm fine." Chiron has been moving through Pisces for several years, activating the spiritual wounding in our collective mind, in our collective spirit, in our collective unconscious. it is also the energy of past lives, where we have been spiritually wounded in past lives. Why would this be important today in our time now? Why would the sun and the new moon exactly oppose where we have collectively - as a human race through past lives - experienced spiritual wounding? Feel this. Feel this in your body. Feel this at a cellular level.. and breathe. Exhale, Inspire, expire, inhale, exhale. When we breathe, we allow god, prime creator source, to breathe through its instrument, so inspire yourself as you inhale… and exhale, release, let it go, empty out. Inhale, fill up, fill in, expand. We spoke today of grief: grief, sadness, deep emotions, presenting themselves through life events and life experiences. Life experiences are triggers that at a soul level you have aligned yourself to. It's all in divine order. Life events are like benchmarks along the path that you at a soul level have placed, have agreed to. And these life events are benchmarks, or triggers, that activate a release - an awareness, an experience, an acknowledgement - of something that, normally, you are completely ignorant to. An energy, a feeling, an emotion, a belief system that rests, has been resting, deep inside your subconscious. Breathe. And so the journey of life is to trip and fall, to be shaken so that the resting energies are provoked into your awareness because your awareness illuminates. Simple. when we become aware of something, that consciousness, that awareness, is illumination. To become enlightened is to become self aware, to master self-awareness. To bring light to that which we have been ignorant to, up until we tripped on that branch or that threshold, that benchmark, that trigger. So appreciate your triggers, appreciate when you trip and fall. Because it is deeply activating, within you, an awakening. And so the awakening, with the astrology, with the energies that we're in right now, it is awakening something that has to do with where you at a soul level have been spiritually wounded.

Feel this in your body. Come inside your body. Be present in your body. Sit still, focus, command yourself. Get a grip of your own mind. Focus. Focus on feeling in your body, as your body is receiving these words, and more importantly the energy that comes with the words. These are not just words being spoken, but there's an energy transmission that your body at a cellular level - because your body is wise, there is an incredibly divine wisdom that lives inside your body. That's why your body is a miracle. All the trillions of cells functioning very harmoniously considering what we put our bodies through with just our thoughts - I'm not even going to speak about nutrition - just our thoughts. Your human body is a product of a miracle. Within your body, at a cellular organic level, there is a wisdom that surpasses your intelligence. Because if it was left up to your own intelligence to make your body function properly, well, I don't think we'd be here very long. Most people can't even take care of their own bank accounts or their own homes, don't even know how to dress themselves or organize a schedule. Imagine if our body relied on our limited intelligence for its functions - we'd be dead meat. The human race wouldn't stand a chance. And so there's a wisdom in the body, and your body is listening to the words that are being spoken, and your body is listening to your response to the words that are being spoken. And so feel your lower back, feel your kidneys. Talk to your kidneys, tell them it's ok, they can relax here. They can sink back down into the earth like rooting vegetables. The adrenals can take a chill pill and relax. You're not at your computer, you're not answering emails, you're not texting, you're not social media-ing. You're not being hijacked by technology at this moment or for the next couple of hours so tell your adrenals - right now - tell your kidneys - right now - that they can rest, without collapsing. That they can rest and stay aware. The earth is shaking and rumbling and shifting - tectonic plate activity. There's energy that's been building up inside of the earth that needs to come out. There are emotions and consciousness in the earth that need to be cleansed, they need to be released, they need to move across terrains. There are fires that are purifying - sit still during the meditation. Sit in your body with whatever's happening, notice your physical body. Can you sit still? Can you receive? Can you stay focused? Can you allow your body to become still? That is the first step to a still mind. Command yourself. Feel inside your bones, the bone marrow of your thighs - sit still. Sit still. Sit still. You can do it. Notice the distractions that come your way and how quickly you jump out of your own center. When the earth rumbles, you better know how to be still - centered, grounded, so that you can receive, clearly, the information for you. If you jump out of your skin, you jump out of your center, as the wind shifts directions, you're in big trouble. You will fly and the wind will whip you. There are things in the world and in life that we can control. We can mostly control how we respond to life situations. That we can control. That we can master within ourselves. How do we respond to the events of the world, to the chaos that we are in and that is coming. Between 2017 and 2025, the earth in all levels will rumble and shake us. The finances, the vegetation, the coastal changes. What we have up until now used carelessly as resources will be disturbed. If you cannot sit still, if you cannot stay connected to your own center - you're in deep trouble. You will lose your mind, you will be unprepared, and you will fall into the chaos that is coming. The structures that have held up societies in the modern western world are falling. One way or another, the empire will fall, systemically. This is an agreement that we have with the planet. We signed up for this ride. We have a contractile agreement with the earth. What are you afraid of, death? Hm. That's the end game. You die, I die, we all die. That's the guarantee. If you're born, you're guaranteed you're gonna die. So let's just get over that. It's the inevitable. And so a desire is sparked. Desire. October 10th, planet Jupiter arrives in Scorpio - oh, desires. All types of desires will be expanded, exaggerated, exposed. So the desire here when we're confronted with the inevitable death, is the desire to live! When we're confronted with our inevitable death, the desire to live awakens! You woke up this morning. There should be - there is, within you, whether you realize it or not, a desire to live. To love. To share. To grow. To learn. To explore. To create. What? How? With the same consciousness of the last 8 years? No. No! Not with the consciousness of the last 8 years. No. How do you want to live your life? What are the emerging values that are coming through the surface? Make one of them about your connection to your body, or you're dead, or you're living like a zombie. Make your first value to your body, for your body is a miracle, it is the product of a miracle, so let us remember this. Do you value your body? Do you value the wisdom that your body was born with, that surpasses your IQ? Do you speak to your kidneys and your adrenals? Do you listen to your heart beat? Do you travel through your lungs as you inspire yourself? Do you go into the memory of your ancestors as you travel through your bone marrow? Do you feel the resonance of your electricity, your nervous system, your brain, your spinal chord, your nerves? Do you take care of your nervous system with minerals, with grounding, by walking barefoot on the earth, or have you forgotten already that your body is going to return to the earth? What's another value that you have in your life that has emerged to the surface? What are your values? What are your newfound values? Which chakras are these values connected to? This is one way of seeing if you're living in a balanced way. Are your values just root chakra? Are your values just solar plexus chakra? Are your values just 5th chakra? Notice where your values exist in terms of your chakras, and for that you need knowledge on the functions of the chakras which will bring you into valuing the connection between your body and your life. Know how to be in your core and in your center. Know how to bring your body into stillness so that you may receive the messages of your body's wisdom? The winds are gonna blow, the earth is gonna shake, because the sun is acting up. We have a relationship to the earth, the earth has a relationship to the sun. The sun sends out these very powerful waves of energy when it burps or hiccups, and they influence the structure - the electromagnetic structure of the earth, the north pole, the magnetic north pole, the magnetic south pole. The torus field of the earth is being acupuntured by the sun, and these energies are only going to strengthen, because we have a contract with the earth, and we have to awaken, and human race, they are creatures of habit, and they are brainwashed, for the most part, by a very convincing program. But the earth is a sentient being, she's a master, and she's patient. But she will not agree to having herself nuked. That is non-negotiable. That is non-permittable by the high councils. That is an energy that is not permitted… and will not happen. Other things will happen to shake and to fulfill the soul contracts that the human race has with the earth, and that is to awaken. And so notice in your own personal life what has awakened within you in the last month. How have you tripped and fall - falled, fell - how have you tripped and fell? And thank this, this benchmark, this trigger. What has it shown you? Pay attention. Allow the message to come through. Allow the message to come through. Lower your resistance. Lower your resistance, and allow the message to be received, to be acknowledged, and leave it at that - for now. You don't need to understand the details of it just yet, that will come with time, with days, with weeks, with months, just receive the message that your spirit is communicating to your mind, that your mind is communicating through your feelings, that your feelings are communicating with your body, and that you communicate with the earth through your behavior and your action - integrity. Lower the resistance, lower the defenses, there's nothing to be afraid of, not even death, which is inevitable - so live. Live with purpose. Live with grace. Live with integrity, and find your core and your stillness. We will sit here for a few moments in meditation as you allow these energies to move through your body.

Learn to find the source of your answers inside your own DNA, because you're being lied to continuously externally - through media and social programming. Learn to find the source of your answers within your own DNA. This is part of your birthright. Claim it. Remember this, and do not allow the next generations to not know this. Learn to source your answers from within your own DNA. Learn to source your answers from within your own DNA. Learn to source your answers from within your own DNA. Learn to source your answers from your own DNA. This will also require that you clear interfering energies that you may have contracted in. So I ask you again, what do you value, and how does your lifestyle habits reflect this? What do you value? What is your value system? Through the root chakra - what do you value in your root chakra? Vitality? Resources? Money? Physical health? Physical stamina? Security? Groundedness?

What do you value in your second chakra? Sensuality? Creativity? The flow of your feelings? Appreciation and self love? Creative expression? Fruition? Greed? Neediness? These are all energies that exist in your second chakra.

Moving up to the third chakra - what do you value in your third chakra? Codependency? Giving away your power? Being self resilient? Self-empowered? disciplined? Knowing who you are? Knowing who you're not? Your truth? Your inner authority? Your inner authority.

We start with the first three chakras because those are the ones that need the most clearing, and as you continue to clear any interfering contractile energies here, you will have greater ease and access to sourcing your own answers to your life from within your own DNA. This is part of healing the spiritual wounding that we carry collectively. The greatest spiritual wounding is that we have forgotten that the universe and that the consciousness of creator, of god, of the original source, exists within us at a cellular level. This is one of the greatest spiritual woundings. We have forgotten. We have allowed our minds and our beings to be hijacked from the truth that we are god particles manifested into flesh. So I ask you once again to feel with your body the transmission that carries these words. The words are here to satiate your mental personality and ego, but the true deliverance is the energy wave that has been carrying these words into your ears, and into your body, and deep inside your cells.

What do you value in your life? How do you value your life? What value does your life have? Raise your consciousness, raise your vibration. This is the time. Get yourself in alignment with your 5D body so that you can reside on 5D earth, and not lose your shit when the earth shakes. Remember who you are, remember where you come from, remember what you are doing here.

Untakawate unakafrika aka akata

Taking a deep breath in, everybody… and exhale out through the mouth. Breathing in… and exhale out through the mouth. And breathe in… and exhale out through the mouth. Remaining in silence, taking a few moments to write in your papers or journals what has come to your awareness about the value system that you are moving forward with. Take your time. Gently come back into your body, into this space. Gently opening your eyes when you're ready.

Thank you.

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