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Astrology Webinar: LIVE on YouTube Tonight! Jan 6th 5:30 pm EDT


ASTROLOGY: JANUARY 6th 5:30 pm EDT... MARS & JUPITER conjoin in SCORPIO at 17º T-Squaring off to the NODES in LEO & AQUARIUS! Planet VENUS and the SUN are inching their way to a conjunction to PLUTO in CAPRICORN, sextiling this MARS-JUPITER in SCORPIO!

MERCURY is still in its shadow as it is about to reach its original point of retrograde of 29º Sagittarius, where on DECEMBER 3rd during the GEMINI FULL MOON, MERCURY that Moon's ruler retrograded back to the 13th º of SAGITTARIUS to reveal to s the deeper meaning of what has been playing out in our lives. But MERCURY is not the only planet in it's own shadow, so are JUPITER & SATURN!

The POWER to CHANGE is HERE! The new paradigm is HERE and you access it from within!

Catch TONIGHT's LIVE WEBINAR on YOUTUBE with Mama-Maga at 5:30 pm EDT! Maga is LIVE on YOUTUBE Every Saturday night!

Get the Daily Download On Vimeo & Stay Informed!

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