Daily Download January 9th 2018 Mars has passed Jupiter!

The intensity that we have been building up to since OCTOBER has come and will now be passing...... but without first showing us exactly the changes that are in order! That's the good News! ASTROLOGY Daily Download for JANUARY 9th 2018.... https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dailydownload

The good news is that planet MARS has passed over JUPITER from 17-18º of SCORPIO. The crescendo of this energy has erupted! Like a volcanic explosion of built up tensions, hidden power and untamed expression! A powerful current of LIFE FORCE has been released.

Some may be experiencing this expression of life force in a very positive and life enhancing manner. To which, now life may be appearing extremely differently! To some others, this explosion has liberated through drama, fighting, tensions, and all passions unleashed!

Today, we have a beautiful sextile to a trilogy at 19º of CAPRICORN where the SUN, PLUTO & Planet VENUS sit together bringing in the POWER of the SOUL, of the PERSONALITY & of LOVE together!