Karmic Messenger to Building a Bridge of Integrity.

Are you ready for planet MERCURY to finally be coming out of its SHADOW PHASE? This is when a planet reaches the point of its original retrograde degree, now in a forward or 'Direct' movement.

So, remembering back to DECEMBER 3rd when we had that powerful MERCURY Retrograde at SAGITTARIUS 29º, on the same day as the FULL MOON in GEMINI. Gemini is a sign that is ruled by planet Mercury, so that 'Full Moon - Mercury Retro Event' was extremely significant!

On DECEMBER 23rd MERCURY stationed to go DIRECT at the 13th degree of Sagittarius. This week MERCURY will not only reach out of its Shadow Phase (reaching and passing the 29º of Sagittarius), but it will also ingress the sign of CAPRICORN and immediately connect to SATURN!

Last month from NOVEMBER 29th until DECEMBER 2nd, planet MERCURY was connecting to planet SATURN in Mercury's direct and forward passage through the sign of sagittarius.

On December 3rd, it stationed to retrograde only to meet up with SATURN once again, but this time in the Retrograde Phase, phasing over SATURN from DECEMBER 6-7th.

NOW! This 'Saturnian-Mercurial Duo' will be meeting once again for the 3rd time! However this time the game is a little bit different, the stakes are higher, as they conjoin in CAPRICORN at 2º.

Let's pay attention to what has happened from NOV 29th-DEC 2nd, then again on DEC 6th & 7th, and now again from JAN 11-14th....

A very important message has been and is being delivered! While this duo where dancing together in Sagittarius in DECEMBER, we had the opportunity to reconsider our options around our Truth! To hit the bull's eye aim our HIGHEST TRUTH in SElF-Expression and Belief!

Yes, we were tested, as such would SATURN require of us!

The lesson was to eliminate the distractions and limiting beliefs, and in doing so, to Illuminate the Higher SElF into Manifestation.

But the tests with SATURN are Karmic, and the outdated beliefs needed to be addressed, in order to be released. SATURN wants us to be self-accounted, self-responsible, self-determined, self-authoritative, and eventually Self-Mastered.

In CAPRICORN, NOW where SATURN sits waiting for the arrival of his long lost friend the MESSENGER to see just what we have concluded to!

MERCURY is the co-ruler to both GEMINI and VIRGO. This is where we align ourselves with information and gather from various sources, open our minds to the possibilities of things we do not yet know, experiences we have not yet lived, and to new ideas that are shared with others.

Then we are to discern and break it all down, to keep what is needed, and to eliminate what is a distraction, an old story, gossip and nonsense.

From JANUARY 11th - 13th the influence of THE MESSENGER aka planet MERCURY will deliver a karmic message to SATURN. This message, agreement, contract, responsibility will be re-visited during SATURN's retrograde to direct movement in the Fall when SATURN Stations to go Direct on this very degree of 2º of CAPRICORN. SATURN wants us to pass the Exam!

The Universe is always supporting our evolution, our growth and our ability to build a world with security, love and integrity! Anything less than the Integrity of our collective Spirit, will not come to pass.


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