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Planets JUPITER and PLUTO are in an exact sextile from SCORPIO to CAPRICORN. The ruler of SCORPIO; PLUTO is forcing us to "Change or Die" NOW where our POWER and AUTHORITY is being challenged into Grounding and Purpose.

Planet JUPITER, in SCORPIO is a magnetic force that is CHELATING out the energies that have been hiding for a very long time, buried in the depths of our subconscious. What is being drawn out of us now is beyond our personal egos, beyond our personal stories and beyond our personal identification.

Although this is a time of feeling and experiencing PRANA & APANA COSMIC FORCE very intensely and passionately....

The TRANSMUTATION of these intimately personal stories that we have held deeply and perhaps unknowingly, are beyond our personal identification and is here to remind us of our Response-Ability in our existential existence!

What we process in our own lives, bodies, and relationships NOW on the planet, and in our homes, is directly connected to our SOUL.

The passion that fuels this PURGING, CHELATION & TRANSMUTATION is existing beyond our Human Self!

We are in essence, the influencing elements and enzymes of the cosmic awakening and birthing that both Gaia and her Cosmic Companion are breathing into manifestation during this Cosmic Wave of Disturbance!

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