New Moon Capricorn : Jan 16th 26º of Capricorn

Be mindful the power you possess. The King's throne is awaiting its rightful master and what appears to take this place, might just be The Queen! The Sun, Moon and Venus are joining in for this New Moon Lunar Illumination... Casting us into a new cycle around power.

A freshness is here and the pre-spark of creation in all our Capricornian affairs are being seeded. With Venus in the mix; love, beauty, affection and peace are in order, and this comes with a sense of duty and of responsibility to obtain and uphold peace in our 'building of the new'. Venus brings love and passion that is experienced through the physical realms and grounded-in, helping to sustain businesses and love, whether that is the 'love of business' or 'the business of love' with an unyielding commitment towards success.

A commitment has been issued and declared. The moon, who is the natural resident of Capricorn's opposite sign of Cancer, brings a need to balance out the emotional with the practical, the home life with the public life, to ensure that nurturance and emotional care are infused.

At 26º of Capricorn, this lunation brings a square to Uranus in Aries. And so an electric note is added to the moon's invisibility as it lacks the sun's reflection, causing us to look within and introvert the source of our power and purpose. Expect the unexpected wherever Uranus makes an impact. Liberation out of chaos may cause you to shift plans or renegotiate as an element of surprise ignites a new passion. Moods can change quickly and abruptly, so foundation and commitment come in as a handy and worthy asset at this time.

The Moon, Sun and Venus' Sextiles to Mars brings added passions and deep self discovery where all Scorpionic energies roam.... bringing last week's Mars-Jupiter-Pluto-Sun-Venus' outburst into perspective! What can you do about it? What will you do about it?

With Love,