Aquarius Human; Time for Radical New Ideas & Information!

It is You echoing back to yourself, you are hearing the prayers that you yourself have sent out millennias ago from a long ago future that we are now reaching.We now have in the sky the arrival of our Sun and of planets Venus and (soon to come) Mercury in the Sign of the Water Bearer... The Cosmic Download Season is here!

We are entering and living the Aquarian Age.... an age of redefining our values and breaking free from the limitations of the old status quo. With an Aquarian sky, the air has an electricity filled with a bizarre buzz and awkwardness. Aquarius-types play by the beat of their own drum, aren't here to 'fit in' and if the tradition or the group is to 'turn right', these Aquarians are sure to 'go left'!

Lone explorers and often times misunderstood, they are aliens to the common grounds of societal norms, and they make sure to accentuate on this at every opportunity! They make for great artists and scientists whose laboratories you are sure to never be permitted to visit. The mad scientist needs his or her cave, spaceship or cyberportal to explore the visions of the future undisturbed by the dramas and emotions found in interpersonal relations. And yet, this is exactly where the geniusness of this sign's gifted mind is needed!