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Mercury Pluto Conjunction Today!

**JANUARY 24 & 25th 2018 is when planet Mercury meets up with planet Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. The messenger known as Mercury delivers to us a message… Mercury is the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, making this energy analytical, curious, mental and highly active.

Planet Mercury with Pluto gives us a laser beam focus where information, intelligence, and messaging are concerned. Pluto is the soul, and how we get to the soul where Pluto is concerned, is first through the dark night of the soul… in other words, we first have to pass through darkness to reach the lights.

Let us go down memory lane first as we look at where and with whom Mercury has been communicated with… This will take us back to and November.

On November 29 - December 2, Mercury was passing over Saturn in the signed of Sagittarius. The next day, on December 3 Mercury did it's famous full moon in Gemini Mercury retrograde, passing once again over Saturn on December 6 and 7 during its retrograde passage. Within one week planet mercury passed over Saturn twice. Saturn is the Lord of karma and time and third dimensional reality. We reap what we sow. Mercury had a very important message regarding our karma of the Sagittarius kind…. What is our higher selves alignment what is our buyers contract and how far we have manifested that walk.

On January 12, 2018 planet mercury entered the sign of Capricorn to meet up on January 13 to planets Saturn, who had just arrived in his home sign of Capricorn for the first time in 28 years. This duo; Mercury and Pluto, have had quite a history since the end of November.

Now today February 24 and 25th Mercury delivers the message once again, but this time in a Plutonian manner. There is no wiggle room, is no negotiating, there is no hustling, and there is no drama, there is no fluff around the message that is being delivered from Mercury to Pluto.

The shadow of this conjunction is to use the power of no to suppress deny and high the true message of the soul into a distortion and into a power play manipulation. In these two days of this junction, we have the opportunity to bring light into a dynamic or a situation that up until now have proven to be dark in character or ignorant in awareness, or perhaps, simply feared.

This process is being initiated and supported by planet Jupiter in Scorpio, Scorpio being Pluto's rulership. Planet Jupiter's transit and Scorpio is bringing the expansion of consciousness into the hidden Powers on the psyche. So that we can see the true power that lives in our subconscious desires around our power, sex, money, and all shared resource.

Scorpio says; When we come together and share our resources, we become more powerful in our ability to manifest our soul’s desired. With a Scorpio, there is always a hidden truth. To truly merge in a Scorpionic manner, we need trust, transparency, and a particular death of a part of our ego, story, and attachments.

These Scorpion qualities of transmutation can bring us through the Plutonian dark night of the soul, and into our eternal light. The message from Mercury today and tomorrow is delivering to us just that message, simply, clearly and directly. Just Listen…..

With Great love,


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