Total Lunar Leo Eclipse January 31st... Tis the Season Once Again.. Of Change!

Look up at the sky tonight and you will see a great shimmering full moon beaming the light of the sun onto us and our psyche.

By tomorrow morning, just before 6 AM Eastern standard time, the moon will turn red in the morning sky.

We have just entered a karmic time, for the next two weeks the universe will be pushing us into a course correction. Eclipses are six moons packed into one. As the Earth's shadow passes against the surface of the moon, the light of the Sun which normally is reflected onto the surface of the full moon, will now be eclipsed from our perspective here on earth.

It is interesting to note that the size of the earth, the size of the moon, and the exact distance between the two allow for a total lunar eclipse. The light of the Sun and of planet Venus (both in Aquarius) are now being interfered with and eclipsed. Something is getting removed.... The sun in Astrology, is the personification of the self, Venus is how we love, and what we love, and the power we have to attract to us what we like.

Aquarius is now asking all of us to not take this process personally, but to recognize a larger, a much larger humanitarian cause for love with a vision of the future that is much needed. With the South Node in Aquarius, we have the opportunity now to overcome past traumas in how we have been loved, how we have loved, and to remove any shame around our truly unique style of self expression. The shadow of the South Node in Aquarius is to feel alienated, and to self sabotage into an imposed ostracized dynamic between self and the community or in partnerships that do not stand up to the status quo of traditional values.

This is a beautiful time for the tribe to rise and for the collective mind to receive the energy upgrade of an evolved and unified society. With love which is the radiance of the Light and of Source, coming to us from the cosmic mind into the third eye, we can reach a “seeing” together of a radical shift in consciousness that is witnessed as a high ideal with a flash of brilliance!

Uranus the ruler of the opposition to this Leo eclipse is the gatekeeper into your brilliance! it is time to step out with magnitude, creation, courage and love into the mass chess game and claim our own liberated identity. Clearing through the traumas of the past. The absence of the Sun’s light reflection onto the moon, gives us a window of time, approximately 3 hours to feel and discover the inner light of the sun’s source found within our own body, where our joy, and outward expression is in service to the Light of Source, to once again play as ‘Children of the Universe’. The removal of the armoring, the mask, the ego and of the character whose weakness may have been pride, personal grandiosity and fame as a superficial value..... who can be no more. Not anymore in the grand scheme of this Universal plan, can we see ourselves as egocentric man.

The push and the pull of the magnetic pulse is shaking off the old paradigm... One by one the masks are falling off…. on by one the illusions are not working anymore, one by one a deeper calling is being heard…. one by one, the heart is firing up and as it does, so does the Universe!

This Total Lunar Eclipse is pushing us into our Self! Our true Self! During the time of this eclipse (the absence of the sun’s light reflected onto the surface of the moon) is the time to ignite the light of your eternal sun though your own solar plexus and recall your cosmic purpose! It is a call to humanity, to humility and to radical self expression in creating the future that we know is ours to be!

In two weeks we will close this karmic eclipse window with a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, trining its ruler Uranus in Aries!!! Here We Go!

With Radical Love,



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