February : Month of Radical New Ideas & a Grace of Love! Month Ahead Videos with Mama-Maga on Vi

February, (Month Ahead videos are Here! https://vimeo.com/ondemand/astrology ) month of innovative ideas and radical bursts of information! We begin the month with a party in Aquarius with the Sun, Venus and Mercury lighting up the quirky, untravelled and visionary scope of our sky and of our mind!

With the South Node having just been opposed during the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31st, as we closed up January, this South Node highlight gives us an opportunity to release the past woundings where we may have felt uneasy being our selves....

The shadow of Aquarius is to feel alienated in this strange and brave new world, as if we are just observers of this human drama from a far away distance. The problem with this, is that it is exactly the 'Aquarian Message' and 'Aquarian Cosmic Vibration' that is precisely needed into the masses, into the communities, the relationships and the trÿb!

Inclusion is the way of the Aquarian age and the wound of this archetypal genius is to move society in the visionary impulse of the future!

The illusion of Aquarius is that it is separate from the human trÿb and therefore can too easily disassociate from it. The truth cannot be further away from this....

So the answer lives within each one of us.... the ruler of Aquarius is planet Uranus, still in Aries, provoking us into awakening. February is also a month of an eclipse window that began on January 31st and closes off on February 15th with the partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, in a trine to its ruler; Uranus!

The first half of the month will be exciting and stimulating to our thoughts and styles of communications in intuitive downloads, computers, internet, and in all forms of technologies. The Solar Eclipse will prove to shift the energies of the month, leaving the second half of the infused with a Pisces aura of love, dissolve and magic in the soul and in our spirits.

One of the most magical and other worldly influences is when planets Venus and Neptune conjoin in Pisces, which will happen this month! One way or another, we will get swept off our feet and swept out into a great aquatic abyss... This is a beautiful time for healing the wounds and disturbances of the past several weeks as our karma, wounds and passions have been stirred deeply in our souls since last December....

This will be a time of a greatly divine release back to spirit. The cautionary side of this transit, is to be aware that we are stepping into a portal where realities merge, identities dissolve, very high frequencies are experienced and that we may not want our finances to be swept out to sea, With Venus in the story, it is about love, a divine love, but it is also about money, so be mindful of the intoxication that is on its way, enjoy the healing potential of releasing and dissolving all that has built up, but not the the degree of your own detriment.

Venus will be giving us a show all month..... so for those of you who have strong Taurus or Libra influences in your chart, its going to be a bit of a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride, but with a nice surprise at the end of the month as Venus conjoined with Mercury in Pisces trines over to Jupiter in Scorpio!

A big sigh of relief, a big Ah! Ha! Moment...... It now all makes sense......

With Radical Love,