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We will have to make a turn; to the right, or to the left, but turn, we must!

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Spring is just around the corner and there is much to celebrate as the personal planets Mercury & Venus enter the 'Sign of Spring', Aries mid-month! The beginning of a new journey awaits us all, as later on in the month, our Star, the SUN also enters Aries! Until then, however, there is much lurking in what must continue to be dissolved in PISCES..... and this begins our month of March!

There is a great dissolve as the story reaches its conclusion and ends the present cycle of our affairs! The sign PISCES is the sign of where the story returns back to source, to the great spirit and is engulfed by our collective unconscious. Where all our man made boundaries, conditions, judgments and our 'grips' on our known reality are released. Something in our lives, in our hearts, in our pocketbooks, wherever PISCES is in your chart, this is where you are now releasing something whose time has come.

There can be a great discovery during this time as our minds and thoughts, hearts and visions pierce through the veil, where the mystics and medicine men and women seek knowledge through experience. Psychic sensitivities are high, as are the magical or invisible influences casted by doubt, insecurities and escapism.... the darker side of PISCES where the pendulum swings towards both extremes. Are we Saints or are we Demons? Maybe a bit of both...?

We begin the month on March 1st with a FULL MOON in VIRGO opposing the SUN with NEPTUNE from PISCES. We will have a NEW MOON on March 17th in PISCES conjoining Chiron, the collective unconscious psychic and spiritual wounding. A great illusion is being either casted in front of you, or the power of the psyche is dissolving it! Or maybe a bit of both.....? We will have a third moon this month, the second FULL MOON in Libra on March 31st.

Both of these moons ( Virgo and Pisces) are SQUARING MARS in SAGITTARIUS, and this brings extreme conflict to us at a very personal level! These aspects are in mutable signs and so, we are without a doubt turning a corner this month!

The flexibility we find within ourselves to shapeshift and meander through these very tense times, can and will, if used properly, bring some of the most positive powerful changes into our personal lives!

Planet MARS from SAGITTARIUS will also, throughout the duration of the month of March, be in a constant SQUARE to personal planets MERCURY & VENUS. At the onset of the month this will be from SAGITTARIUS to PISCES, and later in the month from CAPRICORN (as MARS ingresses this sign to meet up with SATURN), to ARIES, where then MERCURY & VENUS will have securely arrived to blossom us forward! This is the month I am calling the month of 'Power & Confrontation'!

We will have to make a turn; to the right, or to the left, but turn, we must!

Lastely, Planet Jupiter is retrograding this month on the 8th..... The JUPITER-SCORPIO plot thickens, and deepens... revealing yet another layer of where we have suppressed our power, our resource, our desire and and our kundalini awakening... Jupiter in Scorpio says;

Do not be afraid of your darkness, for it is there that your greatest power rests, to be transmuted. To reach your higher state of LIGHT, you must first step into your darkness. This is the way of the Medicine men, mystics and seers. Tested, you will be. You must fully embrace your darkness, but not to become it.... but to know it, and to ultimately transmute through it.

With Radical Love,


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