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The 'Jupiter in Scorpio' Classroom Video is Ready! Stay Informed!

The 'JUPITER RX 2.5 Hour Classroom Video' is up and launched early!! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! There is so much to know about Jupiter's retrograde through Scorpio and January's MARS-JUPITER CONJUNCTION DEGREE for the next few months to come!

The Classroom Video is packed with information about the Karmic Nodal Axis Points that Jupiter will be revisiting, the trine to Neptune and the square to Chiron from Pisces! Just to name a few points of discussion. We will travel through each of the 12 houses and see how Jupiter impacts each placement in the charts.

You will have ample visuals with chart displays and upcoming transit charts as well! There is a 6 minute Kundalini Yoga Meditation called 'Breaking the Piscean Hypnotic Trance", and a brief but telling look into the generational 'Scorpio' placements.

The rental fee (which simply means that the video is not a downloadable file) is up and ready for purchase! You will have access to the video through Vimeo for 1 year, starting now March 13th, 2018. This clearly puts us past the Jupiter in Scorpio transits!

Enjoy! And Stay Informed!

You can Rent the Classroom Video Here: on Vimeo! And check out the trailer video for a sneak peak!

Remember 'part two' section which is the Monthly Astrology Group! Check out the info here from my website!

Thank you for your support and interest in Astrology & Healing...

With Radical Love,


"Do not be afraid of your darkness,

for it is there that your greatest power rests,

to be transmuted.

To reach your highest state of LIGHT,

you must first step into your darkness.

This is the way of the medicine men & women,

mystics and seers.

Tested, you will be.

You must fully embrace your darkness,

but not to become it....

But to know it,

and to ultimately transmute through it."

~Jupiter in Scorpio

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