Spring Equinox Day!

With the spring equinox here... we are starting the new journey now! (Catch Mama-Maga on the Daily Download here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dailydownload) With a lovely conjunction between VENUS and MERCURY in Aries at 16º! What is the self talk and personal expression you are putting 'out there' for the world to see and hear? MERCURY will retrograde in a few days and what we've been chit-chatting about will be up for review and reconsideration! Have we stepped out onto the new path as we spoke it to be? Or did we leave something unsaid, unacknowledged that needs now our attention!?

The planet MARS has arrived in CAPRICORN! Great for successful work habits and perseverance that will certainly prove willful! Let that personal will towards successes be mindful of SATURN'S authoritative glance.... especially in government affairs! But in your personal life, what governs you?? MARS will by force, come to a STOP! as it is subject to the scrutiny and 'law' of SATURN! Patience is a virtue.... try telling that to MARS! But in CAPRICORN dwe do keep our wits about us. STAY focused on the GOAL and the FINISH LINE! Especially when the hurdles come!

MARS is also squaring the newly arrived SUN in ARIES for the next few days.... Ego will tensions could rise! Stay calm in the face of aggression, let the outburst be like water off a duck's back. Us any aggression aor combative ego tensions in the direction of the fire trine to the North Node in Leo and Go OUT There and Create your life with a healthy dose of Joy and Exuberance!

We are initiating our first step today and tomorrow into the next spin around the SUN! Make it Good! ;-)