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FORECAST FOR TODAY: March 29th 2018

How is life pressurizing you into Self-Mastery? Today we have a Sun-Saturn square from Capricorn and Aries! It's been a slow and steady build up since last week as planet Mars entered Capricorn and approaching Saturn while squaring the Sun!

What does it all mean?

Pressure, pressure, pressure... to Change!

Mercury is retrograde in Aries as well, and is squaring off to Black Moon Lilith... Folks, we have literally run out of time! We are EXACTLY where we need to be to launch forward one way or another!

The moon today in Virgo helps us make sense of the things that are necessary to keep and what to disregard and no longer of value. The moon opposes both Neptune and Chiron... the antidote has been given prior this morning, to the wound being somewhat illuminate this evening...

Find the peace to let go of what is no longer, and the clarity to provide an enriched health to the service you offer to others.

Lastely, planet Venus is with Uranus since last night.... Surprise, surprise.... of a liberated self.

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With Radical Love,


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