FULL MOON LIBRA April 1st.... On YouTube with Mama-Maga!

Full MOON in Libra is bringing much needed conversations and information to us through the mirroring of others in our life! Listening is an art that can at this time bring to us exactly what we will need in order to fully embark on our path 'Sprung Forward'!

Tensions are high and the pressure is on, as the squares between the signs Capricorn and Aries continue all month long! The T-Square to Black Moon Lilith will no stand or allow the old story to continue, or for more 'second chances' to be granted!

We have truly arrived and now we must be here! The change that we are all undergoing is a necessary process that with the right attitude and conduct (saturn karma) can with time, commitment, perseverance, and stamina, create the self-mastery to the building blocks in our foundational structures!

Venus's recent passage over uranus and her ingress to home sign Taurus is a true blessing that we can feel and experience within our 5 physical senses, in loving kindness, sensual expressions, home making goodies and an overall comfort of the physical world!

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