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Here is to Instant Karma... "If we want world peace, we need inner peace."

It's one of those days today (April 4th) where we are tested and mirrored back to in our homes and in our political world. Tested we are! As my teacher says, "If we want world peace, we need inner peace." Get the Month Ahead Subscription for your Astrology Sign! Sign-Up Today!

This is just that sort of time now.... The astrology proves extremely challenging now with a square from Mars and Saturn to the retrograde Mercury in Aries and that of Black Moon Lilith to the Sun as well....

Feeling a bit under pressure, something's gotten under your skin, an unavoidable circumstance is physically right in front of you with nowhere to wiggle out of? For some, this is a testing time that will prove where we stand and what changes we need to make in order to respect the Mercury retrograde, as our cards are being shuffled and maybe thrown up in the air.

Black Moon Lilith is a 'cut throat' ruthless and powerful female energy that will no longer give us another 'second chance' to getting 'something right'. We have literally run out of time on this one, folks!

Mars is still in the grips of the Saturnian 'Law Enforcer' and an agreement and commitment is being issued and 'served' to us. ...Or we have already 'claimed this one' and are well on our way!

Most may be feeling an undercurrent of fear... as the playing field is being reorganized and reconsidered... new pieces of information keep coming in and disrupting the visions or declarations of a few weeks, or days ago... stay open, and with a flexible mind... Conflict arise because change is needed...

Tempers and impatience are being triggered while money issues and power displays are being manipulated, at worst... At best, be flexible, observing and non-reactive! Fears and insecurities are ruffling ego feathers right now... this abrasive energy is needed temporarily, but be aware that the kamra now is instant! Stay cool... Stay Calm. Stay aware that many pieces to our puzzles are quickly shifting right now... this can ignite deeply hidden fears and insecurities in many....

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with Radical Love,


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