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APRIL MOON & Upcoming Transits... 'Webinar, Daily Download & Monthly Group' Informat

Month Ahead for APRIL ASTROLOGY is HERE!

As we enter the second part of the month we are bracing and preparing ourselves for an intensity in personal change and karmic development

It's a Capricorn-Aries square, with security and resource intensities as Venus and Retrograde Jupiter oppose each other... Love is in the air! ...but this comes with issues around our securities and comforts, what is ours, what we share and what we owe!

Planet Mercury will station to go direct, finally having brought missing puzzle pieces to our attention, that were much needed, before we could truly embark forward and forge ahead....

As nature would have it, that the very next day, planet SATURN retrogrades. So really, we are not out of the *Mercurial-Saturnian* teachings and trails just yet. This was initiated backing the beginning of January when Mercury conjoined planet Saturn at 2º of Capricorn.

This karmic agreement of sorts was reignited the beginning of March and is now redirected during this Mercury retrograde Month of April, and will continue to bring us into deeper self understanding of what is truly needed from our commitments & our WORD!

This Saturn Retrograde will take us all the way through the coming months ahead!

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Today! April 10th: Daily Download with Mama-Maga

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If you missed this Weekend's YouTube Broadcast, catch it here!

Monthly Group : Beyond Astrology with Mama-Maga!

April 21st is the next Monthly Group! We go Live at 5pm EDT, register here!

With Radical Love,


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