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Astrology, Mantras & Meditation for May 2018 Month Ahead Subscription Channel

Video Excerpts from Maga's Vimeo Subscription Channels... Astrology, Mantra & Meditations for the 'Month Ahead' MAY 2018! Mercurial energies are a thing to focus on now, as we are coming out of the Shadow of MERCURY's RETROGRADE phase of March and April.

MERCURY and *SATURN (*Now retrograde, until the summer.) have had a very particularly serious relationship since this past January. "Order in the Courts!"... you may have heard on the news over the past several weeks, if not months. There is a courtroom and a 'law of the land' that we are being accounted for.

Be that of this 3rd dimension; in legalities, funding, finances, lawyers, governors, or simple integrity of how we may 'run our business'. Take this 'Law of the Land' and elevate it into Higher Dimensional Spaces and enter a different type of 'Courtroom' where Karma is slowing us down (Saturn Rx) so that were can reconsider a possible reversal or U-Turn of 'Karmic Proportion'.

This knowledge and information was assisted with MERCURY's retrograde last month and is now in the litigations of our minds and our deeds, where does our foundational integrity live?

The focus for MAY is the planet Mercury, the MANTRA is that of Prosperity, the meditation is for a Calm Heart (Available through the Month Ahead Vimeo Subscription Channels listed below.)

This meditation is correlating to the Yogi Bhajan Lecture & Meditation : 'Impact of Communication' an online 50 minute lecture available at

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