Did you miss the FULL MOON SCORPIO Live Broadcast Video?

Did you miss this weekend's LIVE Youtube Webinar on The Full Moon in Scorpio? And what this means (in brief) for the 12 astrology signs! Seeds planted and the square to the Karmic Nodes! A deep secrete power (Scorpio) and wisdom (Jupiter) is being exposed... The secrete trap door hidden in the basement of your Castle, is where 'you' (we) now have the opportunity to travel down into. What we discover there (in that basement of our Castle), as we step down into that space, belongs to us. It is our shadow, where much of our Power (Good or Bad or Indifferent; depends on how we choose to use it) lives distorted, unconscious, denied, shamed, and/ or punished away inside of our subconscious. What is the Shadow? By definition; it is simply the Distortion of Light. The Alchemist; SCORPIO can very easily un-distort this energy, but first, must go through that doorway and down those stairs into your Castle's basement... In two weeks we will have the Surprise expression when Mercury conjoins Uranus, with the then NEW MOON in Taurus where the SUN has been during the SCORPIO FULL MOON.....

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Maga describes for each of the 12 Signs this powerful SCORPIO FULL MOON with its relation to JUPITER retrograding in SCORPIO and the Square to the Karmic Nodes in LEO and AQUARIUS. The focus for MAY is the planet Mercury, the MANTRA is that of Prosperity, the meditation is for a Calm Heart (Available through the Month Ahead Vimeo Subscription Channels listed below.)

This meditation is correlating to the Yogi Bhajan Lecture & Meditation : 'Impact of Communication' an online 50 minute lecture available at https://www.maga-astrology.com/subscribe-1