May 2018 Month Ahead Astrology Video Broadcasts are Here!

MAY MONTH AHEAD ASTROLOGY BROADCASTS ARE HERE! You may have realized that we have caught a 'Cosmic Wave' this past weekend during the Full Moon in Scorpio conjoining Jupiter... Now we embark on the month of MAY 2018 and with it comes a great surprise mid month during the "Show in Taurus".

The great planet of CHANGE through disturbances, chaos and upheaval (Uranus) will arrive in Taurus along with a conjunction to MERCURY, this happens the day after we experience the MARS-URANUS square; first from Capricorn ( where Mars will e at 29º) to Aries (where Uranus is at 29º), and the next day each planet ingresses the next sign all while maintaining the 'square energy' from Aquarius (Mars) to Taurus (Uranus & Mercury). We are in store for a massive CHANGE!

Planet VENUS will be arriving at her home sign of CANCER and although traditionally this is a good placement for her need to take care of her softer, emotional side, VENUS will have a hardship at home and will be in a karmic opposition to SATURN retrograding in its home sign of CAPRICORN.

This will not feel good for the emotional state of our Cancerian moods and vulnerabilities. Be forewarned of this now, so that the 'emotional karma' that this alignment indicates, whether it be personal or global, not blindside you, but instead be prepared to understand the deeper meaning of the Saturnian karmic teaching that is the richness of becoming for Self-Empowered through the releasing of karma, which is highly indicated here.

She, VENUS will also have a temporary square to CHIRON who is newly ingress in Aries. This is an excellent time to do deep inner child work, and to release once again, to 'step into our own' in ways we have not done before, until now.

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