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'Uranus in Taurus' 84 year cycle (and a whole life change!) & the Tarot!

By mid month... as in 'April 15th through the 17th', will prove to be a very dynamic time, much in our lives will take a turn into very different direction. Firstly, we are looking at the May 15th New Moon in Taurus at 24º. This is in a harmonic earth trine energy to Black Moon Lilith and Pluto in Capricorn. Providing us all with plenty of grounding space and accommodation to seed-in the incoming cosmic blast (Uranus, more on that in a moment)!

The New Moon in Taurus is a time of year where we are at home with our self, and with the reality that our five physical senses creates for us to enjoy in, relish in, feel secure and be in love with all that is! Taurus is a sign (along with Libra) that is ruled by planet Venus. A new moon is a moment of 'pre-birth' or pre-initiation, the void, out of which comes the spark!

Here the spark is that of Love! A different kind of love. Maybe a love we have never realized or experienced before. When we look to see where the ruler of this New Moon is, we find her (Venus) in Gemini, the sign of the twins. Venus in Gemini is a curious kind of love. There is a youthfulness and detachment, here the love can be one of the mind! Where the flourishing of ideas and the exchange of those ideas comes with a light-heartedness and easy-going nature.

The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, at this time, has just left the sign of Aries where it (Mercury) just made a deal with Uranus. This is a BIG Mercurial (informant) message that comes to us as an unexpected surprise and declaration! Someone didn't see this one coming! And it will knock our socks off! The combined energies of Mercury & Uranus can be catastrophic/liberating (you choose which!) in technological devices, in travel plans, in personal communications and self declarations. Something is coming out of the cosmic closet! There can be a shock-wave that comes through communications, and it changes us forever.

The next day... May 16th, we welcome the ruler of Aquarius, planet Uranus into the sign of; stability, ones own resources, our valuables, our possessions, the land and housing we call our own, money and currencies earned, love experienced, beauty shared, and the deep appreciation for the physical body's expression and experiences through the five physical senses..... Taurus!

Taureans, (and wherever the sign Taurus is in YOUR chart) get yourself ready! Something big is coming your way and initially your 'slow to move, stubborn, and not liking of change' sign Taurus.... with your environment and your comforts, that you so dearly depend on, are going to be going through a drastic change!

Here is a list of some of the perspectives that this eccentric and often times called 'weirdo planet'; Uranus will be arriving at your front doors dear taureans... and you may not exactly appreciate the changes at first, but change, we must!

Here are three categories that I am focusing on with the unexpected, sometimes disturbing changes that Uranus can bring here and lastly I've listed the third category; the higher vibe of the cosmic ray's involvement into our psyche;

Earth Change & Disturbances (1-4),

Strange Love & Financial Currencies (5-8),

Ascension & the Organic Body (9-12).

1) The drastic change in the value of financial currencies.

2) Earthquakes or other ground-earth based natural changes; volcanos, hurricanes.

3) New technology with soil/agricultural discoveries.

4) Unearthing buried discoveries via natural earth changes.

5) Technological discoveries and cyber currencies developments.

6) New cyber properties in 5G domains; such as CERN, HAAARP, etc.

7) Enhanced virtual reality cyber activities, in the adult sex industry, 'robot sex partners'.

8) Love will be expressed in an Uranian way; weirdly and unpredictably.

9) Clearer LOVE connection to Solar Flare Activity.

10) DNA healing and upgrade in a matters of weeks, sometimes days.

11) Bridging into 5D naturally with all organic glandular awakening.

12) Awareness of loving from within the cosmic family.

These are a few examples of the energies of Uranus and Taurus coming together. The positively supportive side of this development, is that now in 2018, there is a earth trine to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

There are many more developments in these categories that will surprise us in ways that we have not seen in our lifetime (unless we are 84 years and older). Although Uranus' visit for now is short-lived due to the fact Uranus will retrograde back into Aries briefly to pick up any unfinished business we missed there earlier in the year. This is a sneak-peak view into what will be ushered in, in a much bigger 'wave' once Uranus ingresses the sign of Taurus 'for good' in 2019. These changes will take time to settle and Uranus will do its job here for about 9 years.

Astrology can help us to better understand the cyclical nature of human nature, cosmic laws and soul evolutionary processes.

The powerful and personal planet Mars that has been in a square to Uranus (Aries 29º) from Capricorn 29º for the last several days, is now continuing the 'square hold' but from now Aquarius 0º, to Uranus now ingress of Taurus 0º.

In normal english, please?

The cosmic powers that are forcing this change are causing a much necessary 'evolutionary twist' into our lives and into our world. The beauty of humanity is its ability to adapt to change. Embracing the changes that are on their way, and doing so with a sense of 'cosmic detachment' will lend a different and much needed change in perspective.

With three mega planets retrograding now (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto), remember to not trip on your past as it karmically orbits the scenery. Great opportunities for forgiveness and deep healing are presented with these mega retrograde planetary cycles...

Walk the land, and tread the waters respectfully, show the Universe your past lessons learnt. Remember that the year 2018 is the year of the Bridging... two steps forward, one step back... three steps forward, two steps back...

Stay tuned for more forecasts...

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Stay Informed~

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The Tarot For These Times, Expressed:

Consider this time of change an opportunity to rise to a "Higher Occasion". Astrology is a type of 'seer guidance', it does not dictate what we will do with the energies that are bestowed upon us from the Cosmos, that is clearly up to us. Here below is a depiction using the Tarot of the Higher Octave in the potentials of these changing times...

The Highest Vibrational Octave of This incoming Wave of Energy:

(Click on images to read more about their symbolism.)

Here the Empress; who is the representation of the abundance of the feminine in all her earthly love and fertility. She is seated and poised, ready and able to provide for all the matters of our earthly needs, in the beauty, crops, prosperity and growth. Her heart is active and points to her crown of 12 stars for the 12 astrological signs, her left 'receptive' foot is placed upon a crescent moon of intuition she gains from her deep connection to the earthly plane.

Here The Magus, or Magician, a male figure who is well versed in the alchemy of all earthly elements. He has, through study and practice, learnt the art of elemental magic. His masculine hand has a wand in it and is pointed to the higher realms of knowledge, through the crown chakra with the figure 8 for his infinite connection to source and his left hand is pointed towards the earth, as if symbolizing himself as a lightning rod of knowledge and ability. He can make anything happen.


Here we have The Star; the symbol of the sign Aquarius, rule by planet Uranus. She is naked and without shame, as in her purity and 'aquarian detachment' she is the receptor and deliverer of Cosmic knowledge. The 7 pointed star above her head indicates her direct connection to the 7 sisters otherwise known as the Pleiades Constellation. She is the water bearer, the liquid of life and of awakening of the nervous system in the human being.

With Radical Love,


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