Taurus Sun/New Moon - Opposing Jupiter in Scorpio

May 8th & 9th the Sun at 18º of Taurus will be opposing Jupiter rx in Scorpio at 18º. Remember one week ago, on June 30th? We had a Full Moon at 9º of Scorpio... This ignited a deep process of internal investigations!

The Moon Now is in its first quarter-square. Think on a wall clock, from the 'noon position' to the position of 3 o'clock. That's a first quarter-square, but in reverse motion. In astrology the motion is counterclockwise; so visualize from 'midnight backwards to 9 o'clock'.) The moon now in Aquarius is also connecting to the South Node in Aquarius. This proves to be tension forming on an old idea and concept that has needed our attention since January.

In about one week's time (May 15th & 16th), we have a New Moon in Taurus at 24º... this Taurean Moon/Sun conjunction will be 'loosely' opposing Jupiter in Scorpio at 17º.

Let's go back down memory lane for just a moment.... in early January, planets Mars and Jupiter conjoined in Scorpio at 17º to create an in