Taurus Sun/New Moon - Opposing Jupiter in Scorpio

May 8th & 9th the Sun at 18º of Taurus will be opposing Jupiter rx in Scorpio at 18º. Remember one week ago, on June 30th? We had a Full Moon at 9º of Scorpio... This ignited a deep process of internal investigations!

The Moon Now is in its first quarter-square. Think on a wall clock, from the 'noon position' to the position of 3 o'clock. That's a first quarter-square, but in reverse motion. In astrology the motion is counterclockwise; so visualize from 'midnight backwards to 9 o'clock'.) The moon now in Aquarius is also connecting to the South Node in Aquarius. This proves to be tension forming on an old idea and concept that has needed our attention since January.

In about one week's time (May 15th & 16th), we have a New Moon in Taurus at 24º... this Taurean Moon/Sun conjunction will be 'loosely' opposing Jupiter in Scorpio at 17º.

Let's go back down memory lane for just a moment.... in early January, planets Mars and Jupiter conjoined in Scorpio at 17º to create an intensity that we are now being reminded of.

In January this conjunction was exactly squaring the karmic node, forcing us into very deep psychological processes in the secrecy of our deepest and most private awarenesses, 'soul retrievals', reintegration after cyclical ego-death occurrences, past-life karmic entanglements, releases and power purifications! All these changes are now pushing us into an enormous wave into our own evolution and soul discoveries. Remember that where forgiveness lives, love can breath in us.

With Jupiter now retrograde at 17º and the New Moon at Taurus 24º (on May 16th), all this is still somewhat squaring the karmic nodes in Aquarius and Leo, and causing a deep purging of karmic Scorpionic secretes, discoveries, love stories, obsessive possessions, deeply shared intimacies and of shared resources 'of all kinds'.

(For a more in depth look please visit the 2.5 hour Rental Classroom Video on Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio 2017-2018 (<click here for full online video classroom rental or view the preview Intro video below.)

Check out the Intro video here!

The Sun now opposing 'the Secretes of Jupiter in Scorpio' can prove to be a time of an extremely healing and DEEPLY revealing process. Yes, this type of astrological transit can often times suggest a strong 'ego death' type of 'personal life transmutation'. Words don't give this energy justice...

This is a type of energy that changes us at the core of our being. It is unavoidable, these changes, and the deep inner workings of this ego transmutation of the shadow of power, that which has been 'un-known' to us, hidden...

THIS is now beginning to reveal itself, its value, its need, its desirous nature, its need to change us from the inside out! The Shadow is, by definition, the distortion of Light... Transmuting the Shadow allows our truest nature to shine through, undistorted, liberated and complete.