ASTROLOGY NEWS : May 24th : Karma Times in Relationships.

Relationship intensities are on the High and on the Drama... now with planet VENUS in CANCER, emotions from our past resurface and moodiness with difficulty of 'letting go' can easily grab us and pull us 'backwards'.

Ironically (and luckily) planet SATURN RX in CAPRICORN is being opposed by the Venusian energies and this is a karmic placement where SATURN's drive to make us commitment to the elevation of our Self... or Not! This is the karmic challenge that SATURN is asking of us. Do we rise to the occasion of self maturity and therefore eventual mastery or do we fall back into the old familiar emotional grip of childish or unmastered blame and disempowerment?

Its a tough call, but we have been preparing for this since January!!! The T-SQUARe from VENUS to CHIRON in ARIES also doesn't help... GOOD! Buckle Up! Show Up! and Let's turn this corner together! Leave the rest behind and move on! THIS IS A KARMIC TIME so pay attention to how you are handling your relationships. SATURN tests, tests and then tests some more. What do you really want? Don't say it, just be it!

Chiron is going to show where we have been wounded, as Chiron is the 'wounded warrior' and in ARIES there is no place to hide this. Wounded we are, it is nothing to be ashamed of or in denial of... life blesses and wounds us, it is part of being human.