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June Astrology Month Ahead Videos! with Mama-Maga

( We begin this sixth month of the year with a beautiful Water Trine with Neptune, Jupiter and planet Venus in the water signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer! This will bring to us all a grand blessing opportunity that will not soon be forgotten. Venus in Cancer will have some tough and necessary confrontations with the 'big dogs' sitting across the roundtable in Capricorn where Saturn, Pluto and Black Moon Lilith are holding their ground and forcing us to do the same.

All along, at the same time, Mercury is approaching a conjunction to the Sun in Gemini! This will be bringing in much excitement with new ideas coming in from multiple source and on various subjects! The Sun and Mercury will be a having a ball here! Expect the phones to be ringing off the hook! Keep in mind that not all informants and exciting possibilities are going to be genuine. There will be an exact square from the Sun-Mercury conjunction to planet Neptune in Pisces. This type of square implies a conflict of ideas and truths. Someone is not seeing or speaking clearly. Truths are being distorted or what we had 'envisioned' is not what is being presented.

Mid month is the New Moon in Gemini at 22º. Helping to clear the slate through 'the process of elimination', still squaring off to Neptune. Stay clear and calm as more insight comes in half way through the month.

Something big will be happening right after the New Moon between the lovers of the zodiac; Venus and Mars as they oppose one another... but wait that's not it.... oppose one another from the karmic nodal axis line from Aquarius and Leo. This opposition on the 22nd of June will be T-Squaring planet Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. WOAW!!!! This is bringing back to us an echo of the karma we set into motion in January.

The Sun will be entering the sign of Cancer where Venus and Mercury have revealed a lot of the emotional past that has gotten us to where we are now and the deep emotional growth that brings deep emotional intelligence and inner trust where our needs and securities are concerned.

We finish the month with a Karmic and testing Full Moon conjoining planet Saturn at 6º of Capricorn, this indeed is very close to a earth trine to newly arrived planet Uranus in Taurus. Big energy is coming in! Big Surprises.... perhaps subtly experienced, but a surprising new trend is underway.

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