ASTROLOGY: Solstice & MARS RETROGRADE. A Summer of BIG Life Changes! LIVE SHOW this Saturday nig

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The Sun has just entered the sign of Cancer... Hello Summer Solstice where the Sun reaches its greatest maximum! We have been preparing for these oncoming Sun transits since May 26 when VENUS opposed SATURN, then followed with planet Mercury and Now with this Grand Finale of the oppositions of the Sun to karmic (Saturn), power dynamics (Pluto) and final closure of the book (Black moon Lilith)!

Planet VENUS has also just finished a conjunction to the North Node in LEO!!! How is that expressive deep inner love glowing...? MARS and VENUS have just opposed one another, and this is a perfect mirroring of all our relations from what we hold deep inside of ourself.

MERCURY is about to oppose PLUTO and has just finished a grand water trine to Jupiter and Neptune... WOAW!!!! The Healing is ON!

This week MARS will retrograde for the summer until August 28th at 28º of Capricorn... Hold on tight there kindo.... this is not the time to try and go out and conquer the world, but rather to conquer the self!

Not exactly the time to bust down any closed door that stand before us, but to question, perhaps, why the door isn't open, and let it be so!

...Gain a new perspective and allow a new paradigm to come through the portal of the cosmos.

Squares to Uranus are also happening with Retro Mars in Aquarius!

This promises change, maybe upheaval, chaos, destruction, but for sure something new is arriving and a big letting go of the past has to take place!

There is a full moon coming at the end of the month and its a KARMIC FULL MOON, the moon conjoins SATURN retro in Capricorn! Let's pay attention to our promises and responsibilities, to ensure the best 'report card'.

As we close up this month of JUNE, we open up to JULY, a month of Nodal Axis changes that steer us into our destiny via a major course correction, if we choose to accept the challenge! It's apartial solar eclipse on July 13th at 20º of CANCER, where VENUS is now!

The Tarot Cards for this Time!

Princess of Wands:

The feminine part of our psyche where lives deep emotional insight and instinct ,will become very active and decisive! Action will be taken from this place of inner emotional intelligence. It will be swift, once it is initiated.

The Moon:

Ruler of the sign Cancer will be bringing out emotional energies form our subconscious, collectively! Hidden agendas and deep yearnings will call out and reveal much. Memories from the past are highly likely now.

The Death Card:

Cutting the ties to that hold us back, control or limit our life path forward. disconnecting and disengaging from stories, baggage, and illusions. A new beginning is approaching and we must cut he cords in order to be prepared to set sail!

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