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Month Ahead for *JULY ASTROLOGY 2018 VIDEOS* are NOW Up on Vimeo Subscription Channels! Expressions may not go as planned, but as DESTINED! MERCURY NORTH NODE SQUARE URANUS. 'Follow the Light of Your Inner Kingdom'. Nothing here is normal, expect the unexpected. This week we are still on the heels of the Mars Retro in AQUARIUS and the CANCER SUN opposition to SATURN Rx in Capricorn, both happened on June 27th. We step into the seven's month of the year with FIVE PLANETS RETROGRADE!

We begin the month in this beautiful and eloquent GRAND WATER TRINE, that has actually been in effect since late May! This will be exact on July 6th as the sun reaches 13º of Cancer, trining exactly JUPITER rx in SCORPIO and then exact once more when the SUN reaches 19º and trining NEPTUNE in PISCES. Hopefully we are good with our emotional landscape and aquatic bodies!!!

CANCER NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE OPPOSING PLUTO & The EARTH TRINE! With a partial solar eclipse mid month in CANCER at 20º and yes opposing PLUTO in Capricorn. The New Moon Solar Eclipse (partial) is exact on July 13th at 20º of Cancer. This is hinting at the upcoming changes for then ext 18 months once the nodes shift their placement in the sky later this year into the Cancer-Capricorn Karmic Axis Line.

On the same day, planet Venus is entering the sign of VIRGO and this sets up a beautiful and stabilizing EARTH TRINE with; SATRUN - URANUS -VENUS... WOAW!

Just prior to that, on July 11th/12th JUPITER finally stations to go retrograde at 13º of SCORPIO!!!! The tides are beginning to shift with this psychologically and psychically demanding transit. It has been a miniature 'dark night of the soul' for many...

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