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July New Moon Eclipse - Pluto & The Tarot! with Mama-Maga

We are landing our selves in a sneak-peek view of what will be our next 'Nodal Axis' in our 'Karmic-Destiny Course' that is coming in later this year (mid November) when the North Node arrives in Cancer, and the South Node in Capricorn! On Friday, July 13th, we have our annual New Moon in Cancer, meaning that the Sun and the Moon are together in the same sign. And the sign Cancer being the Moon's home sign is a powerful time of deep emotional and psychic empowerment. The Feminine Power of the High Priestess!

This is a 'partial' solar eclipse in Cancer and nothing close to a total eclipse, however the energy imprint is present nonetheless, similarly to a good dose of homeopathy! In addition to this early landing of our Cancerian Homeopathy Destiny Imprint, this New Moon in Cancer will also be opposing planet PLUTO in Capricorn.

We may see in this cycle of the North Node initiation into Cancer, the impact of The Rise of a Feminine Archetype in our society into a global position in this world, or in a death of such.

(Such as Princes Diana, who was known as the 'Moon Princess', and in many secs believed to have been murdered as a form of sacrifice. A partial solar eclipse occurred on September 2nd 1997, just 2 days after Dianna's death on August 31st 1997. That Partial Solar Eclipse was in Virgo at 9º conjoining Black Moon Lilith on the North Node 18-19º. See chart below...


The Sun, since early July has culminated the Grand Water Trine that planets Venus and Mercury have initiated since late May. The Sun holds a much greater weight than the smaller planets, as the Sun is a star after all.... At the time of this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Opposition to Pluto, the Sun will have completed the magical grand water trine and hopefully we have soaked-in the opportunities of the deep aquatic healing that the planetary bodies have bestowed upon us all, as of late. The Solar Eclipse is the dose of Homeopathy that will send us into the next stage. The grand water trine will not return to us in this magnitude for a long, long time!

Sun opposing Pluto is also considered in quantum physics astrology as the 'Black Hole - White Hole'... Wormhole! A possible timeline collapse Wormhole, for those of you who consider such anomalies. The death or complete transmutation of the ego or of power as we have known it up until now. An 'interference pattern' can arrive at the time of this partial eclipse opposing Pluto, that can be the initiation into a dark-night of the soul or the liberation therein! Pay attention to power changes and dissolve!

Planet Venus will be just arriving in earth sign Virgo.... ahhh.... order and logic once again! This Earth Trine is set to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn!

The soil has been watered, seeds have been planted and now we see, feel and can begin to grasp the magnitude of our creations. Much is changing in our reality, Uranus in Taurus ensures this!! Saturn Retro will deliver these changes to our front doors, and Venus in Virgo will be happier to bring it all together in service to ourselves and others! Bringing some order to the chaos!


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In Radical Love,


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