Astrology Video Tutorial for Rent! Summer of 2018 Eclipses & Mars Rx!

Here is a 2-Hour Astrology Tutorial on *The Summer of 2018 Eclipses & Mars Retrograde* Astrological description and energetic transmission for this summer's changing frequencies!

*With chart description for each of the 12 Astrology Signs with specific focus on the Aquarius-Leo eclipses and the T-Square to Uranus in Taurus!

*Astrology Transit Dates breakdown for the time from May 1st 2018 until mid November! Specifically focusing on Mars Retrograde, Eclipses in Aquarius and Leo.

*You also receive the 'T-Square Mantras' for each of the 12 sign.

* You receive the 'Destiney The New Earth Vibration' Imprint for each of the 12 signs.

*This is followed by the 1.5 hour LIVE Recorded 5-D TRANSMISSION audio recording for these truly changing times!

~ Rent the Video Today! Gain access to it HERE ON VIMEO, enjoy the recording until the end of 2018!

Stay Informed!

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