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REMINDER: Correction on ALL Vimeo Subscription Channels!

Hello to all here at the Maga-Astrology Website & Community... Well, it appears that the Technological (Uranus) Glitch (Eclipse) has taken place on ALL of my VIMEO VIDEO CHANNELS..... All of my VIMEO CHANNEL subscribers have been erased or canceled out of their 'Automatic Monthly Re-Subscriptions'. Thank-fully (Full of Thanks!) it can be an easy (maybe annoying) problem to fix... I do apologize for any inconveniences to you.

Yes, You will need to Resubscribe Manually NOW in AUGUST to re-instate your Subscriptions to The Month Aheads Video Channels &/or to the Daily Download Video Channel!


(If you wish to contact Vimeo they have given me this email to contact them by:

*Follow me on The Daily Download Vimeo Channel, for the price of a Chai Latte! $3.99 for the Month Subscription, access the Daily Download every day for a month! On *Beyond Astrology with Mama-Maga!*

Subscribe Here!

*Follow Maga on The Month Ahead Astrology Vimeo Channel and catch the 40+ minute Video transmission every month with full chart display and interpretation! $5.99 for the Month!

Subscribe here! Aries :

Taurus :

Gemini :

Cancer :

Leo :

Virgo :

Libra :

Scorpio :

Sagittarius :

Capricorn :

Aquarius :

Pisces :

In Radical Love!

Let's show The Eclipse how WE do this TOGETHER!!

Let's get those Subscriptions back ON! and with a Uranian Bang!!!


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