2019 5-Month Membership Registration is Now Launched!

Have You ever wondered what your LightBody Evolution looks like and how it shows up in your life and in your body?

Here is your opportunity to dive in deep! If you've been following Maga's work over the years or months, then you know that we are here to evolve at the Soul Level! Life's journey brings to us, ample opportunities as 'windows of time in cosmic equations' through astrology to learn and to be guided by! Maga's interpretation of astrology takes us beyond earth's atmosphere and into the realms of the mystic. She delivers this in her life and in her work through practical matter-a-fact terminology and metaphor.

It is not only astrology that is brushed upon in this five month membership, but also the activation of the LightBody is addressed and ignited as those obstacles of the 'shadow wisdom' are brought back to light.

This Five Month Membership (5MM) is for those who feel the call to deepen their understanding of their Soul's Purpose in Life, those wanting to break free from the old patterns of the status-quo, those who feel deeply that something greater awaits them....

Your Shadow will be met,...

Your Light will be ignited...

Your paradigm will shift...

Your reality will expand!

Maga has been guided since 2009 to teach the Anatomy Of Healing Material (workbook), and she now travels nationally & internationally teaching the Mama-Maga 2-Day Intensive helping to 'crack open the eggshell' . Over the past two years, Maga has been invited to England, Iceland, the Netherlands, and various states in the United States. Beginning in 1999, she began teaching about body consciousness through a Massage Therapy School in Miami, Florida where she taught for 17 years. For two years, from 2009-2011), Maga held the 'Circle of Light Meditation Group' (5D Transmissions) in Miami, Florida where she was literally downloading the Anatomy of Healing Material and workbook, unknowing to her at the time, this was to be made known to her only years later. Maga's work since then has evolved to her online community through her Weekly YouTube Webinars, the Month Ahead & Daily Download Vimeo Channels, all available here; Channels.

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5MM : Is This For YOU?!

It is an intensive five month journey.

If you are interested and you have questions,

please do no hesitate to contact Maga by phone.

In Radica Love,