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Grand Earth Trine & Pisces Full Moon

Since Planet Uranus arrived in Taurus it has been inching itself into the first few degrees of this 'security based, loving of resources and all things lavish, exhibitor of comforts and finances' to prepare us for a changing market in all things Taureans.

An equally powerful planet, Saturn, since the end of December 2017, has entered its own home sign of Earthly Capricorn. Saturn at home for the first time in some 28 years is happy to bring to our attention the much needed commitments and foundational measures, which are the ingredients to a successful enterprise, large or small.

Since June, Saturn has retrograded from the ninth degree of Capricorn and is reaching the second degree by the time it stations to go direct early September. So, respectfully since the end of June, these two power houses, of very different characteristics have been in a one degree orb of a trine configuration to one another, and will continue to do so until they reach an exact trine of the 2 degree mark in their respectable signs of Taurus and Capricorn from August 13th until September 14th. Planet Saturn will have already stationed to go direct on September 6th.

Bring into this the Sun in earth sign Virgo to create the Grand Earth Trine on August 25th and 26th, of incredible magnitude and consciousness manifestation. RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY IS THE DOORWAY TO COSMIC FREEDOM! it has to be done differently and it will... WITH UNYIELDING INTEGRITY, TO BE MANIFESTED ACCORDINGLY.

Across the chart from the Sun in VIRGO, sits the FULL MOON in Pisces at 3º. This moon is pouring water-life to either sides of her; in earth signs Capricorn where Saturn is, and on her other side, to earth sign Taurus where Uranus is.

There is a spiritual 'watering of the earth' at this time and is happening with incredible ease. Be aware of the water element and how it gives of itself to the earth, in all ways. This Full Moon in Pisces will also bring a sense of Higher Self connection to us, of the spiritual and to all those cycles that dissolve and release the physical and material world and the conditions found within it.

This is the annual Pisces Full Moon and brings closure to a certain emotionally spiritual charge! There is a 'putting to peace, or to rest' a karmic or past life energy that has run its course over the past 11 months. The ruler of this month's moon is planet Neptune, and it so happens that Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces.

There is a call to the mystic and to the whole.

There is a remembrance to a unified field,

where there are no boundaries or definitions.

Egoless and formless are that of the Spiritworld,

where Pisces takes us into that abyss.

Confusion can easily appear in the murky waters of the deep subconscious, at this time of the Full Moon.

We may not be seeing clearly and certainly, we are not aware of this!

Emotions are deep, visions are high, and the SUN IN VIRGO will insist on the details, on an organized logical mind that can discern what is necessary and what is simply useless and possibly dangerous. We do have the wounderus opportunity to make a fantasy real, or to be shown the wool over someone's eyes... might be your own.

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In Radical Love


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