Full Moon Pisces! Tarot & Chart Video!

A Full Moon in Pisces brings all of our senses to an upgraded hypersensitivity! This is the 'psychic moon' of the year! This is also the sign that dissolves the story.... dissolves the characters, bringing us to the end of a journey here in Pisces. This full moon will bring us to the closure of something BIG! Let it be so! Subtle as it may appear. The Sun is at 3º of Virgo across the chart and is creating the third leg of this Grand Earth Trine.

This is the perfect time and mix of energies to bring 'The Fantasy' into reality through physical gestures and actualization, or it will be the perfect time to realize 'The Wool Pulled Over Naive Eyes...'

This is because when you bring a full moon into the sign of Pisces with planet Neptune, there is certainty that we are not seeing a reality clearly! This works really well for the artists and healers and seekers of mystical proportions.