Venus in Scorpio : We might be very surprised, by the deep feelings that arise!

Expect surprising energies as VENUS opposes URANUS in TAURUS; surprises in love, money, personal attractions, business and financial transactions of great proportion, and all deep desires.

VENUS will reach the 10th degree of SCORPIO on October 6th and retrograde (RX) back to the 25th degree of LIBRA by November 16th. (September 3rd was the first time Venus was at the 25th degree of Libra.)

VENUS will go DIRECT on November 16th at LIBRA 25º, and will re-enter SCORPIO 0º on December 3rd. (Venus first entered Scorpio on September 9th.)

VENUS will come out of her 'shadow' when she reaches the 10th degree of SCORPIO once again on December 18th. (Venus first retrograded here on October 6th).


URANUS is in its retrograde phase....

It will re-enter 29º Aries on November 7th.

This is while VENUS is still retrograding at 28º-29º of Libra.

Creating the second opposition between these two planets.

The opposition of VENUS to URANUS is going to last until the end of this year, respectfully. While both of these planets are in a retrograde phase, beginning from an opposition from the signs SCORPIO-TAURUS and retrograding back into LIBRA-ARIES.

What does it all mean?...

In the MOST POSITIVE expression of these very passionate and drastically desirous power:

A strong VENUS-URANUS opposition during dual-retrogrades into prior signs, is asking and creating incredible opportunity for us to undo and abolish (Uranus) the love and securities pre-program restrictions and outdated relational dynamics. VENUS in SCORPIO reveals hidden love affairs, love interests and love desires. Uranus in Taurus, will cause us to undo our visceral attachments to the past in our database of our 5 physical senses.