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Daily Download & YouTube Tonight! Catch It All Here! It's Kali Hindu Goddess Time!

Check out today's Daily Download Video here on Vimeo & Stay Informed! A committed student of Astrology? Or just a curious george? Astrology is for everyone! You learn about yourself, the world and humology, as it is reflected in the cosmic celestial beings... As above, so below.

Catch Tonight's LIVE YOUTUBE Webinar... FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE WEBINAR NOW: First Massive T-Square for the month of September; points to Mars. Mercury arrives to speak with the Sun; delivering a message after the Mercury - Neptune opposition during the New Moon in Virgo last week. This week also gives us a Venus -Nodal T-Square where privacy may be needed as Black Moon Lilith sits with the South Node in Aquarius, where Mars is located. Here is the layout of the GRAND FIXED SQUARE. And yes, it's Karmic aka Nodal, and with a twist of a surprise, may it be a pleasant one!

It's Kali Hindu Goddess Time!

Black Moon Lilith AKA Kali Hindu Goddess!

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In Radical Love!


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