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Full Moon Aries on Chiron~

We are quickly approaching the annual FULL MOON IN ARIES! On the eve of the 24th of September (25th in Europe), the beginning is here and the first chapter is well underway. Full moons bring us face to face with with what has been created over the past two weeks, since the new moon in VIRGO.


What has been said?

Which agreements have been considered, kept or discarded?

What are we keeping and moving forward on?

It's a bit of a 'jump' as we are launched with this ARIES MOON ENERGY... into a new cycle of a 12 month emotional journey. It comes with the old familiar wounding of CHIRON where we may be faced with an imagined or a real sense of disempowerment as CHIRON shows us, our wounding. This is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of... It is a wound whose healing brings liberation, love and the ability to move forward, from within our self.

Nonetheless, the feelings that arise may not be the most comfortable to those seeking enlightenment or at the least, a rest from the trials and tribulations found in our earthly ways. We are beginning to get squeezed. The FULL MOON + CHIRON Opposed by the SUN + MERCURY in LIBRA are in a T-SQUARE to SATURN.

Relationship dynamics can prove to be both testing and karmic, as they can prove to be healing and deeply meaningful through the proper channels of communication and self expression. Make sure that the ear you speak into, is connected to, in heart. We can re-experience our wounding and/or experience the healing through deep connections to others at this time of the FULL MOON.

Which will it be...?

The two of Cups?

the two of Swords?

Or a bit of both?

"Union through opposition and love expressed."

"Saturnian decisions that can lead to peace achieved."


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In Radical Love! Maga~


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