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OCTOBER is the 'Last Act' in this play called 2018! These energies will be carrying us to the end of this year, as VENUS will only reach 'out of her shadow' of 10* of SCORPIO by mid December.


This is creating a 'locking-in' to the opposition to URANUS who will be ingressing retrograde into ARIES 29*, at the same time as Venus retrogrades back into LIBRA 29*. The Kamric Nodes are locking in to this Grand Square all month long!

Every month the *Month Ahead Videos* are launched with incredible insight into each of the twelve Astrology Signs' energy predictions with accurate transit date description and video backdrop chart diagram! Maga describes these horoscope predictions in a style of storytelling, using archetypal narrative to tell the the storyline for the month, for each sign!

OCTOBER IS THE MONTH OF A GRAND FIXED CROSS OF CHANGE, as VENUS entered SCORPIO last month and now is about to begin he