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Online Group Gathering! Starts Sunday!


Get onboard with the 'Online Group Gathering' hosted by the Cosmic Tour Guide, Mama-Maga during these times of Astrological Change & Challenge! Every SUNDAY Night, you can choose to attend just one or two Sundays, depending on your schedule availability, OR ATTEND ALL SUNDAYS! (4:00 pm - 6:30 pm EDT). We meet as a group, as we hold sacred space for each individual and for the collective alike. There will also be a Mama-Maga 5D transmission in each gathering and space to meet and truly get to know the other attendees.


We will be looking at the current astrology information specific to the 'GRAND FIXED CROSS OF CHANGE' and to the 'VENUS RETROGRADE PHASE IN SCORPIO'. All of these current aspects in the astrology chart are discussed daily during the Daily Download Videos and on the Month Ahead Videos for each of the Sun Sign Astrology through the Vimeo Subscription Channels.

OCTOBER is the 'Last Act' in this play, called 2018! These energies will be carrying us to the end of this year, as VENUS will only reach 'out of her shadow' of 10* of SCORPIO by mid December. This creating a 'locking-in' to the opposition to URANUS who will be ingressing retrograde into ARIES 29*, at the same time as Venus retrogrades back into LIBRA 29*. The Kamric Nodes are locking in to this Grand Square all month long!

Basic knowledge of Astrology is recommended; ie: You already know your sun sign, rising sign, the basic understanding of the chart 'houses' and hopefully you've already had at least one astrology reading.

This Online Group Gathering is NOT a personal chart reading by Maga for the attendees, but more of a 'Looking Glass Experience' into one's own chart with the support from Maga's intuitive insight with a glance at your chart to better understand your current life change & challenge!

*You will be asked to input your BIRTH DATA INFORMATION on the next page!

REGISTRATION DEADLINE is SEPTEMBER 8th! The fee to attend this Gathering (whether you attend just one meeting, or you attend all five meetings depending on YOUR schedule is, $155). These sessions will NOT be recorded, and will NOT be available for audio or video sharing. The only recorded segment of the meetings will be Maga's 5D Transmissions, and will not available for sharing.


Sun. Oct 7th

Sun. Oct 14th

Sun. Oct 21st

Sun. Oct 28th


4:00 - 6:30 pm EDT

In Radical Love, Maga~

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