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Bodywork & Healing Sessions Fort Lauderdale!

Did You Know?! Magali was a Core Faculty Member at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, Fl for over 15 year until she resigned in 2014 to pursue her interest in launching her online business that now in 2018, so many are familiar with, in her weekly and daily Astrology Broadcasting News.


Her passion for the deep healing opportunities that are offered in Hands-On Healing & Applied Deep Tissue Techniques, are and have been a life-changer for her clients now and over the years! Magali has been a facilitator for so many since her early years in field, when she began her training in Massage Therapy & Energy Healing in 1995.


Her doors are open once again! By Appointment Only!

View her Professional Credentials Here!

View the Bodywork Testimony Page Here!

Call 305-619-1532

In Radical Love,


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