New Moon Sagittarius in December Astrology Video with Mama-Maja!

Every year at this time of the year, we have our New Moon in Sagittarius... This is a time where opportunity comes knocking. And it does so with great enthusiasm, luck and generosity! We can count our blessings on our hands... and the feeling is contagious! This is year, is exceptional, for JUPITER, the ruling planet to Sagittarius has reached home!

The great spirit of adventure is upon us and freedom is within our gaze. This energy hasn't been here to this magnitude since 2006, the last time that Jupiter was at home in Sagittarius. A lot here will depend on our activite and mindset that was set forth during the times of; Jupiter in Gemini from June 11th 2012- June 23rd 2013. As Jupiter's transit in Sagittarius' opposite sign, is now at 180º and we 'see' or are presented with what we discovered and experienced then.

Also at this time of the New Moon on December 7th, we see a square to Mars with Neptune in Pisces.... hummm..... There appears to be much mystery with a 'divinely loving passion' coming through a veil or proving higher dimensional in experience. It is important to note, that Mars in Pisces can be troublesome... at least to our 'sanity state of mind', if we value sanity. Be assured that spiritual forces are extremely strong at this time, and can cause a mirage, a mystery, an awakening, a spiritual epiphany.... or a tragic loss to what we have been holding on to.

Throughout the month of December, Mars will continue its journey into the subconscious of mankind, where the pretense of the ignorance of deeper states of consciousness, is dissolved. Like it or not, mysterious energies are making their way through. Powerful insights, that may wash away what was there before, as spiritual forces puncture and ignite, something very deeply within.

As planet Mars makes it way through the sign of Pisces to eventually reach Chiron at the end of the sign, by the end of the year... steare clear from danger, and this wounding will only serve to illuminate of any residual fears, who's only remedy is embracement.... respectfully done, and the outcome will be overcome in greatness and in love.

December 7th, is also the day that Planet Mercury stations to go direct at 27º of Scorpio! By this time, planet Venus has also reached Scorpio... and the passions deeply known, are explored and shared amongst those that we know. There sisso much to feel, see and grow from.

There is a magnificent, magical and destiny calling WATER TRINE on December 7th, from

1) Mercury at Scorpio 27º

2) Chiron Direct at Pisces 27º

3) North Node at Cancer 27º

At the time of this New Moon, Mercury Direct, Mars conjoin Neptune....

Mercury began its retrograde on November 17th at 13º of Sagittarius. It retrograded over the conjunction of the Sun to Jupiter at the end of November, It fell back into Scorpio at the onset of December, to resume its direct motion by December 7th. It will reach the Sagittarius 0º, once again for a third (and final) time on December 13th. Think back to November 8th when Mercury first arrived here! By the 17th of December, Mercury will reach the 4th degree, once again and now direct, and by the 17th comes out of its shadow at Sagittarius 13º.... We are fully in the clear!

Stay tuned and follow this cosmic wave,

As we stay awake and aware to play!

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