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Applied Astrology Online Course: Begins Jan 6th 2019 in a Monthly Package!

Applied Astrology JANUARY 2019 :



(4pm - 6pm EDT)

*Download the Astrology 101 Workbook! ( *Learn more Real Time Astrology, week-by-week! *Studying YOUR chart! *Join this small group of participants in this healing forum, as we explore how to raise our vibration and heal our lives by looking at the Astrology Charts! We meet as a group, as we hold sacred space for each individual and for the collective alike. We will be looking at the current astrology information specific to the Astrology Climate of the current week.

All of these current aspects in the astrology chart are discussed daily during the Daily Download Videos and on the Month Ahead Videos for each of the Sun Sign Astrology through the Vimeo Subscription Channels. Basic knowledge of Astrology is recommended; ie: You already know your sun sign, rising sign, the basic understanding of the chart 'houses' and hopefully you've already had at least one astrology reading. This Online Group Gathering is NOT a personal chart reading by Maga for the attendees, but more of a 'Looking Glass Experience' into one's own chart with the support from Maga's intuitive insite with a glance at your chart to better understand your current life change & challenge! REGISTRATION is for four consecutive Sundays, beginning the first Sunday of the Month! The fee to attend this Gathering is, $155. DATES: Every Sunday. Four Sundays. TIME: 4:00 - 6:30 pm EDT Subscribe to ASTROLOGY Daily Download Vimeo Page! THE DAILY DOWNLOAD : In Radical Love, Maja~

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