New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse; Capricorn! January 6th 2019

We are welcoming in the New Year

with a New Moon in Capricorn!

This moon will be a partial solar

eclipse, visible to not too many.

Key Points to this eclipse...

*Identify where Capricorn is in your birth chart, according to House Placement.

*Looking back to 2008, when Pluto first arrived in Capricorn. Identify the major 'power change' for you and what has crumbled since then, what has stayed?

*Come to the understanding that this was/is part of your soul evolution here on earth.

*These Soul lessons are around 'power' and how we may have misused it, whether that be in a subtle or in a gross way.

The much more prominent Eclipse of January 2019 will come two weeks later, on the 20th or 21st, at Leo 0º. As a Total Lunar Eclipse!

Key Transits to consider...

*Sun and Moon at 15º with Saturn and Pluto at either sides.

*Mercury and South Node at front and back doors of capricorn.

*Uranus in Aries square to South node in Capricorn.

*Mercury Uranus trine.

*Mercury Mars square.

*Venus -Chiron -North Node